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Jordanelle Triathlon Olympic Distance

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Cottonwood Heights,Ut,USA

Member Since:

May 17, 2008



Goal Type:

Marathon Finish

Running Accomplishments:

Pony Express 50 miler  2009   13:19

*** 50K PR is 7:11 Red Mountain 50K  2010

Red Mountain 50k 2008

   Goblin Valley 50K (twice)

Antelope Island 50k


24 hours of Moab (dropped out at 42 miles)

Antelope Island 25K

***  Marathon PR is 4:50 (St. George)

14 St. George Marathons

Portland Marathon

2 Ogden Marathons

2 Park City Marathons

Top of Utah

*** Half Marathon PR is 2:18 (Bryce Canyon)

Hobble Creek Half

Provo River Half

Salt Lake City Half

Bryce Canyon Half

Painters Half

Short-Term Running Goals:

I did it!!!  Pony Express 50 miler!!   13:19 !  Oct. 16, 2009

 2011 Race Calendar:

Feb. Aloha Race - Honolulu

April Red Mountain 30K

April  SL Running Co. 5K

May Running with Angels 5K

July Bryce Canyon Half Marathon

Aug. Park City Half Marathon

Oct. St. George Marathon

Sept. Little Grand Canyon Half Marathon

Provo Halloween Half Marathon

Nov. Mesquite Half Marathon

2012 Race Calendar

Jan New Years Revolution Race at Oval (14 miles)

April Red Mountain 30K

July Bryce Canyon Half Marathon

Aug. Park City Half Marathon

Oct. St. George Marathon

Oct. Halloween Half Marathon

Nov. Mesquite Half Marathon

Dec. Honolulu Marathon

Long-Term Running Goals:

Stay fit enough to run marathons all thru my life


I started running at age 40 (14 years ago!)  I am married to Harold, he is a super supportive husband and we enjoy running and biking the trails along the Wasatch Front together. Between us we have 7 children and 9 grandchildren.  I am really having fun trying new races in scenic parts of Utah, I am a newbie in the ultrarunning world, I am slow, but love everything about it!  I have a lot to learn,but I am enjoying the journey.  

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Total Distance
Total Distance

Okay, I made my one goal of  No Diet Coke for a whole week!  Yahoo!  But I was replacing it with Guava Nector!  So this week, I need to replace the Guava Nector with Ice Tea or Water, something not loaded with sugar. 

Since I am no longer doing runs on pavement, I didn't have time to drive to the canyon and run so today is a big goose egg!  That is the down side of trail running, it takes more  of a commitment to get your run in.  So I slept in,  I feel like a slob today. Okay, a lesson learned here, I need to get my fanny out of bed earlier and hit the trails!


Total Distance

I was a good girl today and got up at 6:00a with my hubby and was on the trail by 6:30, I saw Lisa and drove her to Jen's so I could at least say Hi to Lisa and welcome her home from Alaska. The chic's were running on the pavement, so I couldn't join them, I am being strict about my new "NO PAVEMENT" rule.  I ran the Cottonwood trail, that is the first time I have done it  in the morning for months, it was cool and you could feel the breeze from the river.  There were several runners out and I saw Alice and Jon on their bikes.  It only took me 10 minutes to drive there, it is not a big deal, I need to do this on a regular basis.  I went to the 3rd bridge and back.  4.84 miles in 1:16.  I think my day will be much better today.

BTW Paul was released from the hospital last night, he will have home health care come in take care of his IV.  Our fundrasier on Sept. 6th is looking better every day, I hope some of you can come. It will probably be an all day affair at the Bell Canyon Park in Sandy, but I will give you more details later.


Total Distance

This morning Lisa and I did the Pipeline trail. It was 52 degrees when we started out, perfect! I was struggling with my heels, I am going to go and ice right now. 

I just found out Cubword is going to play at our fundraiser as well as the Moleni Brothers, you can check out his music at  Jacob Kongaika (Cubworld) was also our neighbor in Tonga, I am soooo excited to have these two musicans perform for us.  They are so great!!!  It will be such a fun day in the park!!

Thanks Lisa for coming with me on a trail run, we need to Jen and Des to go with us next week!!



Total Distance

Hello!  I have been running around like a wild woman, but not in my running shoes!  I have been trying to get my fundraiser-party in order before I head up to Jordanelle today for the weekend. We got a condo and are staying until Sunday, some of the kids and grandkids are camping up there. Should be a fun time.

I wish all of you Hobblecreek runners the best of luck!  A PR for everyone! 

Race: Jordanelle Triathlon Olympic Distance (6 Miles) 00:01:11
Total Distance

We survived the Jordanelle Triathlon!  I was very nervous about the mile swim in open water.  I was in the last wave of the Olympic distance swimmers, I stayed very wide to avoid the crowds, I think I probably was overly cautious and swam an extra half mile.  We had to swim in a big triangle, and the Olympic distance had to do it twice.  It is an odd feeling to not be able to know what is going on around you, you feel real isolated (especially when you are swimming 20ft  off to the side of everyone else. After the first loop it seemed like I was all alone so I stayed more on course. I asked a kayaker as I started the 2nd round if I was the last Olympic swimmer and he said yes.  I thought I was and I felt like the last loop was done all by myself.  I didn't know if the sprinters were waiting for me to get in or what.  Why was I out there by myself and this huge crowd on the shore?  It felt like forever, and I was thinking I was so out of my league it was ridiculous, and I felt like they were saying over the bullhorn,  "Sorry for the delay we have to wait for this PATHETICALLY SLOW Olympic swimmer before we can start the sprint division"  As I swam to the shore the Sprinters were in the water waiting  and I swam into there starting area, again, swimming too far off course ,they made a clearing for me to swim thru them.  I was happy to be done, the embaressment of being so slow wasn't too bad because the crowd was very kind and friendly and treated me like a world class athelete and cheered me on.  I ran thru the transition to Harold who was ready to bike,  I thought for sure it was over an hour and twenty minutes and he said my time was 54 minutes.  I was really happy to have been under an hour.

Harold took off  and passed my  29 year old son and his buddy that left 15 minutes earlier and did his 25 mile bike in 1:21!  I was super surprised to see him come back to the transition before the boys. 

I took off for the10k and my heels hurt and it was very hot by this time, and trudged thru it. I worked hard,  and  had a time of 1:11, an average pace of 11:30, which was just fine with me.

Our total time on our garmin was 3:26:37, we will see how that compares to the the race results.

I really enjoyed it and want to do more.  I need swimming lessons! 

 PS  I forgot to mention, I was NOT the last person out of the water for the Olympic Distance, there was at least one man, and maybe more,  I will have to check the results.




Total Distance
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