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Cottonwood Heights,Ut,USA

Member Since:

May 17, 2008



Goal Type:

Marathon Finish

Running Accomplishments:

Pony Express 50 miler  2009   13:19

*** 50K PR is 7:11 Red Mountain 50K  2010

Red Mountain 50k 2008

   Goblin Valley 50K (twice)

Antelope Island 50k


24 hours of Moab (dropped out at 42 miles)

Antelope Island 25K

***  Marathon PR is 4:50 (St. George)

14 St. George Marathons

Portland Marathon

2 Ogden Marathons

2 Park City Marathons

Top of Utah

*** Half Marathon PR is 2:18 (Bryce Canyon)

Hobble Creek Half

Provo River Half

Salt Lake City Half

Bryce Canyon Half

Painters Half

Short-Term Running Goals:

I did it!!!  Pony Express 50 miler!!   13:19 !  Oct. 16, 2009

 2011 Race Calendar:

Feb. Aloha Race - Honolulu

April Red Mountain 30K

April  SL Running Co. 5K

May Running with Angels 5K

July Bryce Canyon Half Marathon

Aug. Park City Half Marathon

Oct. St. George Marathon

Sept. Little Grand Canyon Half Marathon

Provo Halloween Half Marathon

Nov. Mesquite Half Marathon

2012 Race Calendar

Jan New Years Revolution Race at Oval (14 miles)

April Red Mountain 30K

July Bryce Canyon Half Marathon

Aug. Park City Half Marathon

Oct. St. George Marathon

Oct. Halloween Half Marathon

Nov. Mesquite Half Marathon

Dec. Honolulu Marathon

Long-Term Running Goals:

Stay fit enough to run marathons all thru my life


I started running at age 40 (14 years ago!)  I am married to Harold, he is a super supportive husband and we enjoy running and biking the trails along the Wasatch Front together. Between us we have 7 children and 9 grandchildren.  I am really having fun trying new races in scenic parts of Utah, I am a newbie in the ultrarunning world, I am slow, but love everything about it!  I have a lot to learn,but I am enjoying the journey.  

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It is Sunday again, and time to plan my week out. My goals for last week were a total bomb. I wanted to lose 2 pounds and ended up gaining 2, I wanted to swim 3 times, only made it once, and speed work, well, I could write a whole page on that, I was going at it all wrong and thanks to Laurie, I think I will not really plan on a real speed work out session for awhile, everytime I run with my Running Chics I am working on speed to just to keep up with them, so for now they are my speed work outs, other than that, I am just going to focus on distance, I have  decided, now that my 50K back in May,is just a foggy memory, that I am going to attempt the Ogden Valley 50 miler with Maurine on Oct. 25, so I am going to be trying to put in as many miles as possible and have that be where I put my energy.  I am also going to try and spend more time swimming laps.  So, that being said my new goals are:

#1 35 miles for the week

#2  3 sessions of lap swimming

#3 focus on eating healthy ( notice no specific number.....)

I wish you all a good week,thanks for the support and the laughs, you guys are the best! 


I did an evening stroll with my hubby up Big Cottonwood Canyon, we wanted to check to see if Puke Hill was free of snow, it is ready to go!!!!





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This is a quick post, I have an appt due in a few minutes and am still in my stinky running clothes. I did 7.60 miles on the BST, from Draper to Corner Canyon and up Corner Canyon about a mile. Nice and easy, alot of walking, a nice start for the week. I ran into a massage client on the trail, I always love it when I see friends out on my morning run.

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Lisa and I did a short run this morning, a 5 minute warm up of walking then two 15min. run/1 min walk intervals, it took us 41 minutes, we had a short cool down  too. I am not sure of the pace with all the walking but we were    bouncing between 9 and 11 min. miles, while on the running intervals. It was a good effort.  Gotta cut this short, I am outta diet coke and need one in a bad way, so off to the Sev I go.....!

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This was an extra FABULOUS run this morning. Ardath and I went up to Millcreek with Odee and she walked and I ran.  On the way back I passed Ardath and told her I was going to put Odee in the car and for her drive down and pick me up!  It took me 2:16 minutes.  A nice easy pace for me on a trail.  Tomorrow is the 9 miler with the Running Chics, I won't get away with that kind of pace with those speedsters!  I am looking forward to a butt kicking run tomorrow. Today was a pure paradise!!!!!   

 Yahoo!!!  I did laps today!  60 lengths in 46 minutes, it seems like hours..... 70 will KILL me!



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Our 9 miler was really pretty laid back today, which I am so grateful for.  The younger girls had a few issues which slowed them down, potty stops, crud in shoes, chaffing ( these young girls haven't learned how to pee in the woods yet, I guess that is a skill that comes with age, and a lack of modesty) Anyway, it was nice, Lisa and I were out in front most of the time and took the time to do more  walking to let them catch up. We saw one skunk and two deer, a real nature run.  We did my favorite road route, along Wasatch Blvd. almost to South Mountain, it is nice running along the foothills,  not a lot of traffic, a nice shoulder, and beautiful homes and scenery. We did our 9 miles in 1:50, and our average pace was 12:14.  I felt we could have pushed a lot harder, but it was nice to take it easy.  I love long slow runs, especially with good friends!  Oh! I think I have my 35 miles in for the week!  Yahoo!




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I got up early, even though I planned to sleep in a bit, so ended up going on a 2 mile walk around the neighborhood, my heels are pretty hammered, I will have to take it real easy this next week in preparation for Bryce Canyon. I hope you all have great races or nice Saturday runs today!!  I am on my way to ww, I have had a very good week of eating healthy, but from the way my scale looks, I am not going to see much of a differance.

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