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Ogden Marathon

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Cottonwood Heights,Ut,USA

Member Since:

May 17, 2008



Goal Type:

Marathon Finish

Running Accomplishments:

Pony Express 50 miler  2009   13:19

*** 50K PR is 7:11 Red Mountain 50K  2010

Red Mountain 50k 2008

   Goblin Valley 50K (twice)

Antelope Island 50k


24 hours of Moab (dropped out at 42 miles)

Antelope Island 25K

***  Marathon PR is 4:50 (St. George)

14 St. George Marathons

Portland Marathon

2 Ogden Marathons

2 Park City Marathons

Top of Utah

*** Half Marathon PR is 2:18 (Bryce Canyon)

Hobble Creek Half

Provo River Half

Salt Lake City Half

Bryce Canyon Half

Painters Half

Short-Term Running Goals:

I did it!!!  Pony Express 50 miler!!   13:19 !  Oct. 16, 2009

 2011 Race Calendar:

Feb. Aloha Race - Honolulu

April Red Mountain 30K

April  SL Running Co. 5K

May Running with Angels 5K

July Bryce Canyon Half Marathon

Aug. Park City Half Marathon

Oct. St. George Marathon

Sept. Little Grand Canyon Half Marathon

Provo Halloween Half Marathon

Nov. Mesquite Half Marathon

2012 Race Calendar

Jan New Years Revolution Race at Oval (14 miles)

April Red Mountain 30K

July Bryce Canyon Half Marathon

Aug. Park City Half Marathon

Oct. St. George Marathon

Oct. Halloween Half Marathon

Nov. Mesquite Half Marathon

Dec. Honolulu Marathon

Long-Term Running Goals:

Stay fit enough to run marathons all thru my life


I started running at age 40 (14 years ago!)  I am married to Harold, he is a super supportive husband and we enjoy running and biking the trails along the Wasatch Front together. Between us we have 7 children and 9 grandchildren.  I am really having fun trying new races in scenic parts of Utah, I am a newbie in the ultrarunning world, I am slow, but love everything about it!  I have a lot to learn,but I am enjoying the journey.  

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I forgot to take my Motrin this morning, my legs felt sore and the joints felt unstable.  I am sure yesterdays's Mother's Day feasting didn't help much either. Oh, well, it is Monday.  I ended up hiking up the Little Cottonwood trail, there was no desire to pick up the feet and run going up or down.

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Yoga is it for today!  A little walk with Odee maybe.

I am bummed for Maurine and Smooth, heal fast!


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Odee and I got up early and ran the Pipeline trail in Millcreek. All my working parts seem to be working properly! I am looking forward to Ogden.

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I did a hike in Corner Canyon to show Jana some new biking trails, the canyon is a mess with construction.  I hate running in the afternoon, so I didn't, just walked, it is all for the taper, yeah right, my lazy butt!!!

Hopefully I will see you at the Expo, I am heading up at 3:00 with Gary.

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Ardath and I and Odee had a great run on the Pipeline this morning!  What a beautiful morning!

 I am so excited to go to the expo tonight and hopefully see all my running buddies!! 

Race: Ogden Marathon (26.2 Miles) 06:07:00
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Is this the same race that I LOVED last year?  Oh, how one year can make a differance!! Me and gary crossing pineview dam Last year I ran it in 5:23 and felt like a million bucks at the finish line. This year every step was painful and I did it in 6:07. I still enjoyed it, but it has sure got me thinking!!  Thank goodness for Gary and for an early start.  Gary and I got off the bus and started walking, we had fun having the road to ourself and laughing to all the aid stations and the cops that we were the first place runners.  No one seemed concerned!  It was a beautiful day, I enjoyed the scenery and Gary's company.  We saw the first place runners zip by us at almost the 10 mile mark.  Scott was the first person I recognized, but he was past me so quickly I dare not yell at him and have him break his stride.  Then I was looking for Kelli, I would have never missed the dark curly haired cutie, and sure enough at about the 12 1/2 point she zipped by and gave me a sweet little greeting , she looked also very strong and focused.  AT a about mile 15 some said "are you Leslie?"  and it was Lori Metcalf!!!  How fun is this to know all these awesome runners.  My hubby and Ernie were at mile 17, the dam crossing,  to take pictures, I will see if he can down load it on my blog later  At this point Gary took off not to be seen again until the fiinish line.  Running down the canyon, I am not sure just where, this little yellow and black bumble bee pasted me, I thought to myself that could be Smooths double, but I found out later it was HER!!  I can't wait to read her race report.  I limped thru the rest of the race,  I had way to many motrin and nothing seemed to help. I had no juice left to finish strong, just dragged my tired exhausted fanny over the finish line, like a worn out old woman.

I sat with Gary on the grass and he looked like he had just run a 5K and was feeling chipper, I sat there and ate a creamie and saw Smooth and Kelli, but by the time I got my crippled body off the grass to go say hello they were gone, then Kelli popped back into the picture and I got to chat with her for a few minutes.  She told me about Scott's race, you need to read Kelli's blog for the details, but that was very disapointing.

Met up with Harold and Gary and  Ernie and ate lunch at Roosters, came home and showered and slept. I can not believe no race reports are out yet. My two oldest children called me, and my son told me to stay away from the road races and get back on the trails.  This race was nasty for me, mean to the core,  and I am considering not doing UVM and Park City and just doing trails and then St. George, St. George is an absolute must until I die. This will be year number 13 and DNFED in the storm last year, so I need to redeem myself.

Time to really focus after a week off!  And I have to drop 10 pounds, I was up 6 pounds since TOU  last year, and I know that is part of the problem, I am way to heavy.  If I can get 10 pounds off by UVM and feel like I have increased my fitness level some, I may give it a try, but I am keeping my options open.  Oh, and the 50 miler???? Holy cow!!!  I really need to rethink that one!!!!  Who do I think I am fooling??

This was tougher than most marathons for me.  I have now 3 super slow "over 6 hour marathons" now and this is one of them, but I also have 17 marathons under my belt and am happy I can still run ( or hobble or waddle or whatever the heck you want to call it!) The crazy thing is I still love it pain and all!!!  It was a fun day!!!  Thanks Gary and Ernie and Harold for your undying support!!!  I love you guys!!!

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